Arabic abroad institute

Arabic abroad institute

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The weather in Jordan is pleasant for travel throughout the year. Amman is sunny and cloudless from May to October, with temperatures averaging approximately 25C (75 F). During the spring, the most beautiful season in Jordan, fields and mountains are coated with rich greenery and exquisite wildflowers. In autumn, the weather is mild and pleasant. July and August are hot and dry, but not restrictive of tourist activities. The valleys and Aqaba are ideal winter resorts, with temperatures averaging 16-22 C (66-72 F) between November and April. Rainfall is a rare occurrence in Aqaba as well as in the desert areas of Jordan.
Which means that the weather in Jordan is convenient for almost everyone who wishes to visit the country whether it is only for touristic purposes or for long term trips such as learning Arabic in Jordan at an Arabic abroad institute.
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